Foreign citizens who want to visit the U.S. generally need to obtain a U.S. Visa before they can enter the U.S. There are different types of Visas available for this purpose.

Employment Based Visas

Employment Based Visas are available for foreign citizens looking to work in the U.S. for a fixed amount of time and have an employer that will sponsor them. The most common Employment Based Visa is the H1-B, but there are many others such as the L-1, O-1, and more. (Read more)

There are also a number of Green Card options for those looking to immigrate to the U.S. permanently based on their employment (ex: EB-1, EB-5, etc.) (Read more)

Family Based Visas

There are Family Based Visas for fiancé(e)s (K-1 Visa) and spouses (K-3 Visa) of U.S. Citizens who want to visit the U.S. to start their path to obtaining a Green Card rather than doing it abroad. (Read more)

Spouses and other family members of U.S. Citizens and Green Card holders also qualify for a Green Card. Depending on the type of relationship (spouse, parents, children, or siblings) they share, family members fall under different categories with various waiting periods. (Read more)

U Visa

Victims of certain crimes (such as domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and more) may apply for a U Visa, which is a nonimmigrant Visa that can lead to a Green Card. (Read more)

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