Preparation for Interview

Some immigration cases require an interview by the Immigration Officer. An interview is very important step in your immigration process because the Officer can recommend an approval or denial of your petition as the result of the interview.

Immigration Officers ask most people the same questions; however, depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be required to answer some unique difficult questions. Also, Immigration Officers are trained to “read” your body language and to elicit information from you.

Typical interview starts with the general questions about your name, date of birth, and your current address. After that an Immigration Officer may ask you to tell your story or may ask you some specific questions. Sometimes, an interview can last 10-15 minutes; however, sometimes it can go for hours. You may also be required to present particular evidence or documents supporting your story. If you do not have the requested documents, your may not get an approval.

If you are going for an asylum interview, you need to know that there is specific information that the interviewing person needs to hear from you in order to make sure that you meet all the requirements set by law. If you miss something or fail to show each element of the asylum case, your case may get denied.

In case of a marriage to the U.S. resident, you may be asked very detailed questions about your marriage. Also, you and your spouse may get separated and interviewed individually.

We can help you to get ready for the interview by going over the potential questions and discussing the interview process. It is much easier and more relaxing to go through the interview when you know what to expect and when you are prepared.

It is also highly recommended to have an attorney present during the interview to avoid many potential problems.

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