Illegal Immigrants are now allowed to obtain driver’s licenses in California

The AB60 Bill was approved Thursday by Calif. Legislature. After decades of debating, illegal immigrants will now be able to obtain driver’s licenses in California.

According to KNX 1070′s Pete Demetriou, the state Assembly voted 55-19 in favor of the AB60. Gov. Jerry Brown stated that with this new bill, he hopes Washington will sense the urgency in the ongoing immigration reform matter.

“This bill will enable millions of people to get to work safely and legally,” Brown said in his statement, issued immediately after the Assembly vote. “Hopefully, it will send a message to Washington that immigration reform is long past due.”

With immigrants granted access to licenses, theirs will differ from those who legally reside in the U.S. Each license will state, “This card is not acceptable for official federal purposes. This license is issued only as a license to drive a motor vehicle. It does not establish eligibility for employment or public benefit.”

Although those licenses will have a special note on them, every individual trying to obtain a driver’s license will take the same tests and play by the same rules as everybody else.

Sen. Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, gave his take on the importance of immigrants obtaining a driver’s license in California.

“A lot of Californians are in support of making sure immigrants, regardless of who they are or where they come from, are properly licensed. That means they have to be trained, that means they have to pay for their license. That means they have to purchase insurance, which is critical because we want to make sure that regardless of who is driving, they are regulated by the state of California,”

Most Californians are in support of immigrants, but Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-Hesperia, is not.

“I don’t support any legislation that makes it harder for business owners to do business in the state of California. This is the most confusing piece of legislation I’ve ever seen.”

How do you feel about illegal immigrants in California being able to obtain a driver’s license? Do you agree? Or do you disagree? Let us know your thoughts.