E-2 visa

Treaty Investor (E-2) Visas are available for citizens of countries that the U.S. maintains treaties of commerce and navigation with. E-2 Visas are great for people with business experience abroad who have a desire to establish a business in the U.S.

Treaty Investor (E-2) Visa

The E-2 Visa is for citizens of U.S. treaty countries that have invested or actively in the process of investing a substantial amount of capital in an operating enterprise in the United States.

In general, in order to qualify for the E-2 Visa, the investment has to be substantial and the business has to have a capacity to generate more than a minimal living for the investor. There is no particular amount of investment that is required for the E-2 Visa; the Immigration Services evaluate each case separately. Therefore, it is important to provide enough evidence justifying the invested amount.

Period of Stay

E-2 Visa is issued for an initial two-year period. Requests for extensions may be granted for up to an additional two-years and there is no limit to how many extensions can be granted.

Family Members

Spouses and unmarried children (under 21 years old) may accompany E-2 Visa holders to the U.S. as dependents. Spouses can apply for a work authorization.

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If you are looking to bring substantial amounts of trade or investments to the United States, an E-2 Visa can be the right option for you. However, E-2 Visa requires the submission of detailed information to the USCIS and can be very complicated. A lot of applications are denied due to not submitting enough information. If you are planning on obtaining an E-2 Visa, it is best to contact the Los Angeles Immigration Center to discuss your case with a Los Angeles E-2 Visa Lawyer.

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